Sunday, 4 July 2010

The VilleBook: Understanding the Phenomenon

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For few years now, Facebook was overwhelmed by gamers. And it wouldn't be bad if these were regular, PC or console gamers. But no. Some random dudes got the Idea: Hey, let's make a game that involves spamming people's Facebooks with random messages! And, surprisingly, it worked. Nobody knows how or why, but it does.
However, after some time these games were up, scientists came up with an explanation: *Ville players are being subjected to a Skinner "treatment". Let's see how it's done.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

New camera, Zemanta and a review coming soon.

My new Kodak EasyShare C182 Camera
Image by JacobMetcalf via Flickr
That's not how I reacted. That's not even me.
Consider it a stock photo.
Today, I bought a new camera. A crappy, battery-powered, £50 Kodak thing. Only good thing - more or less 12mpix, does nice photos. Didn't test video yet. Has a 2GB card I found in my card reader, the one I used in my phone before I bought a 8GB one. I don't know, I might want to swap them, since maximum video lenght is approximately 40 minutes. Which isn't too bad, but you see, I'm interested in film making. For everyone who's interested, here's the link to Kodak's specs: Kodak Easyshare C182 @ Kodak store.
I might want to do a review on it in future, but I can safely say that: this fucker drains batteries like a thirsty camel drains whisky.
I am also testing a new gadget, called Zemanta. Seems to be OK, and for some longer reviews or articles, it may even provide some helpful pics and traffic. Zemanta sits as a sidebar to the right of the post editor, and manifests itself on the blog with the zemid...zemandi...zombi... Obviously, I'm going bit too far on that one. You'll just have to see. Also, the In-Text links feature seems to be quite useful. Thank you, Zemanta!
Do you remember that review schedule I've posted few weeks ago? Well, I said fuck it and decided to review whatever I feel needs to be reviewed. Thus, next review: The Others, with Nicole Kidman.

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Few kinds of idiots that destroy any forum discussion

Sometimes the cropping makes a difference.
The situation: you're in the real world, talking about something, and then some idiot comes in and throws random trivia in the talk. This attracts other idiots who start to argue about stuff right between the lines of the main conversation, and you are left with them and try to wait until the flame war dies out (preferably with those who started it). But no. Some smart guy once said that there are only few idiots in the world, but they're scattered around so cunningly you'll run into them almost always.
Now, let's see what happens if those idiots finally learn how to use a computer and the Internet.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Artemis Fowl review

There are things that can go in two ways only: be fucked up in a retarded manner, or be one of the few little gems. One of these things is writing a fictional book in a style of a character's biography. Daniel Handler did it well, because he took the guise of Lemony Snicket. Eoin Colfer is doing it wrong, because he took a guise of Eoin Colfer. Granted, Artemis Fowl's concept is pretty good, which portrays the bad guy as the protagonist, but...
Fairies, not Jedis.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Next review: Artemis Fowl

See the title. Also,

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Instant noodle soup + computers = FAIL (1)

It was a happy, sunny Tuesday. I was happily (read as: I WAS FUCKING PISSED OFF) coming back home, and was about to open, where I learn how to write by reading others. But NOOOOO, there had to be trouble. You see, I found out that my computer-stupid mother spilled a shitload of instant noodle soup.
This lil' fucker.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Short Review: Spiderwick Chronicles film

Well, as it turns out, Narnia was not enough, so some assholes decided to rip it off and thus The Spiderwick Chronicles were born. It's about a couple of kids (Narnia knockoff factor = 1) who moved into a new house (Narnia knockoff factor = 2) which is inhabited by some gnome or dwarf or elf or whatever the fuck magical creature. They learn that there's a magical world out there (Narnia knockoff factor = 3), and one day, one of the kids is either lured or captured and dragged into a magical world, and to the villain (Narnia knockoff factor = 4), who is a shape-shifting ogre called Mulgarath.
O RLY? the other kids get their friend/relative back (Narnia knockoff factor = 5), and prepare to fight back the evil forces, with the help of other magical creatures (Narnia knockoff factor = 6). Then they fly on a griffin to a totally cracked up magical dimension where the author of a book of the magical creatures they've been using was. Unable to get out, he gives the kids some advice. They fight Mulgarath and everybody lives happily ever after (Narnia knockoff factor fuck you).

Film review:
Well, it was OK, but if I was to watch  a fucked-up fantasy film, I'd choose Narnia.
My rating: 3.2/5
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